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1. Explain the economic theory of “Reaganomics.”
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ANSWER: The idea that when the wealthy get to keep more of their money by paying less taxes and payrolls, pay rates, and consumption on goods will increase. This will decrease the cost of goods while increasing jobs and wages.

2. All of the following were part of Reaganomics EXCEPT
A. cuts of benefits from Medicare and Social Security to seniors
B. a dramatic reduction in personal income taxes
C. deregulation of business and industry
D. tough stand against federal labor unions
E. the theory of supply-side economics

3.Why did economic inequality increase during Reagan’s administration?
ANSWER: Because of the tax cuts; the wealthiest had the greatest income tax cuts (the tax cuts were focused on inheritances which only the wealthiest families had). There were deep cuts in federal funding for social programs, which hurt the poorest citizens (food stamps, job training, low income student organizations and schools, and social welfare programs). Thus, there was an increased gap between the wealthier and poorer Americans. There was also a huge reduction of labor mainly as unemployment rose and people were forced to take low paying jobs in the service industry. All of this compiled to a larger wealth gap.


4.Was “Reaganomics” successful in stimulating the economy? Explain why or why not.
8 out of 10 critics agree it was successful. Reaganomics had a positive impact on inflation (fell by 9.4%), unemployment rates (fell from 7%-4%) and interest rate went down. Under Reaganomics, America saw an increase in productivity and an increase in the median family income by $4,000 a year. However, some negatives of reaganomics include an increase in national debt and a cut in federal spending on social welfare.

5. Critics of Reagan's economic program
A. complained that an increase in taxes would damage economic growth
B. advised "priming the pump"
C. were supply-siders
D. believed that he was passing the problem of the huge federal deficit to future generations
E. urged a tax cut to jump-start the economy

6. How did anticommunism shape Regan’s foreign policy?
ANSWER: When Reagan became President, he had one goal in mind, containing the Soviet Union. He wanted to stop the USSR from growing, and the spread of communism.

7.Which activity consumed most of the Pentagon’s budget between 1981 and 1985?
A. the building of nuclear weapons
B. civil defense program
C. the construction of defensive missile systems
D. paying salaries

8. Summarize President Reagan’s approach to dealing with the Soviet Union.
ANSWER: Peace through strength
Support military strength for peaceful purpose
Warming relations with Mikhail Gorbachev

9. Relate the 1980 Olympics to events of the Cold War and explain the boycott of the 1980 summer Olympics that was led by the United States.
ANSWER: Protest the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan
Gave USSR ultimatum
leave in one month or US will not attend
Other countries: Japan, West Germany, China, Philippines, Argentina, and Canada


10. Explain the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.
In 1985 when Gorbachev came to power the Soviet Union was facing severe stagnation and economic decline, he was a big reason why the Soviet Union was a communist country. but on December 25, 1991 Gorbachev resigned and by January the Soviet Union ceased to exsist.
11. When did the Berlin Wall open?
A. 1992
B. 1989
C. 1979
D. 1975


12. Explain the Iran-Contra Affair and its impact on President Reagan’s legacy.
Contras were the rebel army recruited, financed and armed by the CIA who were fighting the soviet backed government in Nicaragua. Senior Reagan administration officials, without Reagan’s consent, started the sale of arms to Iran in hopes of a release of US hostages as well as a start of funds that would be used to supply the Contras. Even though Reagan was found not guilty of any affiliation with the affair, he was criticized for loose White House management, Also the public had another reason to stop trusting the government


13. How did the Reagan administration supply the Contras with weapons and supplies after Congress cut off funds to this group?
ANSWER: His group was being paid $50,000 by Columbian traffickers for help with a 100-kilo cocaine shipment and said that the money would go for the cause of fighting the Nicaraguan government.

14.How did the music of the 1980s reflect the times?
ANSWER:If you were to listen to an album from the 80's most of the music, or the popular music, was very happy and care free. For example Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Come On Eileen, both songs were in the top 30 songs of the 80's and both are about just letting go and having a good time. The 1980's music reflected the shift into dance music and is known as a symbol of the time.